Juicing is where Matt's health journey began. Sitting at a desk all day and eating fast food led to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a constant struggle with weight. He decided to take control of his health beginning with juicing. Further on he added running, yoga, and eventually a vegan diet. He is changing from the inside out. Join him on the journey to a healthy happy life!

Matthew Williams

Owner / Operator 

Priscilla started juicing 12 years ago. She quickly found out that it was a great way to support the kids nutrition.  "Drink your vegetables!" became a mainstay in the Williams household. It is an excellent compliment to her yogic and vegan lifestyle. As a registered nurse Priscilla sees the value of nutrition in prevention of chronic conditions and diseases.  

Priscilla Williams

Owner / Well Being Advocate

Mike decided to change in early 2017 with a weight loss of 170 pounds. He is committed to taking care of himself from the inside out. Mike believes in OrganicAF's potential and is grateful to help facilitate a great product for growing High Point!

Mike Fulk

Owner / Business Development